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Agritecno, the company

International presence

AgriTecno is present in more than 50 countries.

The best service

Technicians and scientists working hand to hand with farmers to solve their problems.

Natural innovation

R&D to develop environmentally friendly products

biostimulants and fertilizers

+15 years of experience developing biostimulants

AgriTecno was founded in 2001 as an international company with a global vision. Today our products are sold in over fifty countries in four continents. Across dozens of countries around the world, farmers have improved crop response to stressful situations, due to the pioneering and plant origin solutions developed by our team of plant nutrition experts.

AgriTecno’s mission is to create the finest biostimulants and help growers around the world to develop an increasingly productive agriculture, with higher quality and more sustainable.

agritecno around the world

AgriTecno around the world

AgriTecno’s constant growth since its founding in 2001 has made its products available in over 50 countries through our exclusive network of importers and distributors. Ours, is a global company, not only due to its level of international sales, but also to the international nature of its team and those involved in product development.

AgriTecno is already the market leader in many of these countries, yet our international expansion and new solutions development will continue over the coming years with the aim of becoming one of the world’s top 10 companies in the field of biostimulants.

agritecno potential

AgriTecno’s potential

AgriTecno mainly uses raw materials of plant origin, and formulates them using its own technological process, creating natural products that help crops resist the stressful situations to which they are subjected (extreme temperatures, lack or excess of water, effects caused by diseases etc.).

Our 12.000m2 formulation plant, located in Montaverner (Valencia, Spain), is equipped with the latest production and packaging technology.
Since our founding in 2001, AgriTecno has grown at an average annual rate of 30%.

Our mission. Our vision

“Let’s grow together and work on natural solutions for your crops”

The best service

The AgriTecno team is made up of agronomists, chemical engineers and biologists from a range of nationalities who give our customers the highest quality service. Every day of the year, our team extracts the most valuable raw materials from plants which are used to manufacture our wide range of products.

The AgriTecno sales team works closely with our customers and consumers throughout the process, from our raw materials factory to the field where the growers apply our products. Our engineers are in direct daily contact with growers and technicians in all the countries where we work, discovering their real needs and then creating new products in response, so increasing the profitability of their crops.

Technology and natural innovation

The secret of AgriTecno’s success is to mix technology and the power of plants with talent to obtain natural solutions for crops in over 50 countries around the world. Using its own technology, our R+D Department, supported by international research centres, develops the most innovative and advanced products for growers all over the world.

In the first twelve years of its life, the company has invested over one million euros in R+D projects, which resulted in the development of high quality products, pioneer in the biostimulant market, which are today products of reference for other companies in the sector. Throughout our history, we have constantly launched innovative solutions, due to both their origins and their biological, organic and ecological characteristics.

Natural biostimulants and fertilizers

The company’s high level of specialization allows us today to offer a wide range of products of the highest quality, made up of over 35 liquid fertilizers, biostimulants, micronutrients, adjuvants, rooters, attractants and different phytoprotectors, for both conventional and organic farming.

Thanks to the plant origin and the reduced environmental impact of our products, AgriTecno has the Sohiscert (EU) and OMRI (USA) certifications, which guarantee the company as a manufacturer of products suitable for use in organic farming in the most stringent markets.